Saturday, January 14, 2012

A simple lovely wishes for my Bee :)

    I wish you a day
full of fantasy
full of hopes
full of happiness
full of colors
and wish you a life
like a cozy path
like a rainbow of seven colours
i wish your future like a star
Shining and Twinkling
I wish you all the best for very healthy and wealthy life!
Happy Bornday To You Sayang
Teuku Irfan Affandy b Teuku Yovie
Tomorrow its your bornday!
and i get this chance
to be the First among the First!! hihi
and to show you my heart
i want to be your angel, who live inside
not your shadow
but as the shadow remains
outside the body..
I Love You Moree Bee!!

ngeeeeeee :D

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