Thursday, December 15, 2011

Empty Note #3 / TOP 10 WISHES 2011!

1. Stay out from TROUBLE!

2. Aim for the Greater Height!

3. Stay FOCUS on the job

4.Exercise and maintain GOOD health

5. Practice a TEAM WORK!

6.Rely on your trust partner to watch your back. and take your time to TRUSTING others

7. save for RAINY DAY!

8. Rest and Relax!

9. Always take your time to say CHEESE!


10. Realize that Nothing is Impossible!

the MOST important thing DON'T FORGET TO SMILE!!! :)

3 00 budak kena kiss: said...

ni lah pic paling menarik pernah saya jumpa... bagus...

Arikal Razali said...

Ehhey , lawa gila pic . sesuai dan comel :) eh, about iklan churp churp tu , tutorial ada kat lyssa faizureen :)

cik nunu said...

hihi..aha..klaka kan...
arikal : thx :))